World’s Greatest Underground Fortifications Guard France (Feb, 1934)

Well, this pretty nicely sums up the fight in WWII on one page. France was building the Maginot line while Germany was building rockets.

World’s Greatest Underground Fortifications Guard France

INVISIBLE and sunk beneath the rolling and wooded terrain in Lorraine is a great underground fortification system, 200 miles long, guarding France’s vital industrial area.

The forts, which cost 150 million dollars, are the greatest in the world and defy attack by gas, infantry, artillery, or air bombs. Living quarters, magazines, power stations, and control stations are out of reach of all means of attack. Bulkheads in the underground passages shut out both gas and invaders and armored posts at various points bring additional protection.


German Rises Six Miles in Rocket

IN HISTORY’S first successful rocket flight, Otto Fischer, brother of the inventor of the rocket plane, was shot 32,000 feet into the air in a shining 24-foot steel projectile.

With a blinding flash the rocket ship shot out of its steel framework and disappeared into the sky. It reappeared a few minutes later, dangling from a parachute, its pilot maneuvering to land on the little island of Rugen in the Baltic Sea, where the flight started.

The pilot was quoted as saying, “I left the ground in a deafening roar and lost consciousness for a moment. When I came to my senses the altimeter was flickering at 32,000 feet. It began to drop rapidly. I pulled the parachute release ring.”

  1. jayessell says: February 10, 20085:21 am

    I think the German test pilot story may have been a fabrication.

  2. Emcha says: February 10, 20088:25 am

    Fischer’s rocket flight seems to have been a hoax.

  3. Stannous says: February 10, 200812:05 pm

    At 32,000 he would have passed out long before he could have pulled any parachute ring.

  4. Arglebarglefarglegleep says: August 18, 20109:21 pm

    Odd that they mention the pilot’s name was Otto Fischer as the brother of the rocket maker but not the rocket maker himself. Here’s a google book section mentioning it at a hoax.…

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