World’s thinnest watch (Jun, 1979)

I would buy almost anything if it was called the Concord Delirium I.

World’s thinnest watch
A quartz analog watch barely as thick as a nickel has been introduced by Ebauches SA of Switzerland and ETA, its subsidiary. The solid-gold watch, only 1.98 mm thick (0.52 mm thinner than its nearest rival, says the maker), required that most components be specially designed. With its quartz-crystal time reference, the watch is accurate to within 10 seconds a month. But it’s face has no second hand and no calibrations. The Concord Delirium I is an aristocrat at a royal price: $4400. The same technology, however, can be applied to more practical watches.—V. E. Smay

  1. jayessell says: July 2, 20079:57 am

    What? No numerals?
    Bah! Keep it!

  2. docca says: July 2, 20075:44 pm

    According to Concord’s site:


    the Concord Delirium IV is way thinner than this one, at just 1mm(!).

    The original model is still available:…

    Some models go upwards to over $11,000.

  3. aster says: May 3, 20089:00 pm

    Titan watches are thinner than this (they are just 1.15 mm). Check this site:

  4. Jonno says: August 3, 200811:34 am

    AVIA made a thin watch. Where can I buy AVIA watches?
    Are they still being made?

  5. charles says: February 10, 20096:36 pm

    I have the same exact to watch that’s on the story about, except mine has the silver and gold bracelet. I’ve had this watch since it first came out… I never wear it and I was wondering how much it’s worth… thank you

  6. lewis says: August 17, 20103:20 am

    I have a concord slimline delirium like the one above but i believe its the concord III it is 1.98mm think and it has the 12 3 6 and 9 on it. it is very thin and a solid gold band. it is worth much more then 11k its more like 20k and i love it. it was a gift from my father. and it was a gift from his brother and i hope to pass it on to my son some day. but i would recommend a concord watch any day. i love when people just stare at it and wonder how the builders could make something so thin.

  7. Googly says: February 7, 20124:25 am

    I have titan thinest and is good..

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