Yale Scientists Trace Cancer To Body Electricity (Dec, 1936)

Yale Scientists Trace Cancer To Body Electricity

Electrical changes in the human body may explain the cause of cancer according to Prof. H. S. Burr, of the Yale School of Medicine. Working with Dr. R. G. Meader, Prof. Burr has found that minute changes in the living process are accompanied by changes in body electricity. Using a highly sensitive vacuum tube microvoltmeter the electrical current in the bodies of both humans and animals can be measured without the use of an external current supply.

With constant checks on the current output of the body organs the scientists believe that they can not only solve the cause of cancer, but find the clue to the way in which heredity cells function resulting in inborn diseases. Animals which have been injected with disease germs substantiate their claims.

  1. Daniel Rutter says: July 6, 20111:38 am

    One of the founding fathers of “electrodiagnostic” claptrap, which survives to this day. The Wikipedia articles on Burr and his theories are, at the moment, pleasingly po-faced:

    The opinion of the Vast Evil Conventional-Medicine Conspiracy about this field of endeavour are fairly well summed up here:

  2. Hirudinea says: July 6, 20114:49 pm

    @ Daniel Rutter – You have to go through a lot of wrong answers before you get to the right ones, he was doing research in the 30’s when the understand of cancer was in its infancy (and its still a toddler) so you can cut him some slack.

  3. Charlene says: July 6, 201110:41 pm

    @Daniel Rutter – quackwatch is not wholly reliable with respect to historical medicine. The editors often consider anything that’s not current best practice as quackery, and in one case I know of misrepresented (apparently deliberately) one early 20th century scientist’s body of work to make him seem less reputable than he was for his time period.

  4. carlm says: July 6, 201110:47 pm

    They are Yale scientists, so they must right. The cure for cancer is right around the corner. Of course this is before the discovery of DNA. Heredity cells indeed. We are still very much in the dark about medicine and cures. I still don’t always believe what “experts” say. They tend to be the most dogmatic about old ideas. More advances occur through serendipity.

  5. jayessell says: July 7, 20116:12 am

    So I have as much chance of curing cancer as thousands of scientists with billions in funding and millions in equiptment?

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