Yet Another Attempt to Defeat the Law of Gravity (Jan, 1932)

I’m going to hazard a guess that this attempt to defeat gravity did not meet with success.

Yet Another Attempt to Defeat the Law of Gravity
THE recent success of the Cierva Autogiro has brought forth a deluge of attempts to defeat the law of gravity. Harry Cordy, a Los Angeles inventor, is about to introduce into a startled aviation world a model of his idea of just what an airplane should be.

This plane of the helicopter type is characterized by a new form of propeller which is said to produce a superior degree of lift and thus effect a true vertical takeoff or landing.

  1. Tom says: January 23, 20082:56 pm

    Because of the time it was invented, not sure if any American companies were willing to take a chance on it, though he did build a working prototype. He approached at least one German firm, from what I understand. A couple things*did* come of the project, though — enclosed propellers – the propellers on the top are a forerunner to modern ducted fans, and aircraft shocks and struts. He may have had a problem in filing his patents on the later as there are several things I’ve read in the past that cited that the idea was “stolen from him.”

  2. sue dumller says: February 28, 20106:59 pm

    I am the grand daughter of Harry Cordy. Until now, I had no idea there were any records of the “helicopter” my grand father, father and cousins built. The “helicopter” was history by the time I was born in 1937. I believe is was a sore subject but I did hear my father speak of it many times. I imagine the “sore subject” memory came from the fact the plane was built at considerable cost for the times and during the depression. That seems to be how it goes with inventors. Anyway, my grand father and father did believe he was robbed by one of the major automobile companies. I have the patents for the shocks and struts which, Iwas told, were used without compensation to my grandfather. By the time this happend, he was broke and had no funds to fight big business.

  3. Firebrand38 says: February 28, 20108:05 pm

    @Tom: Not ducted fans, more like Archimedian screws…

    landing gear patent here…

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