YOU Can Be A Sweater Girl! (Aug, 1954)

YOU Can Be A Sweater Girl!

Don’t envy other women. Don’t be embarrassed because of a fiat or sagging bust line …

Yes, YOU can be a Sweater Girl. Bring out those romantic curves that will make your bust line your beauty line. Arouse envy, admiration and approval.

Jan of Hollywood has helped many women develop beautiful breasts. He has been so successful, and the demand for his course has been so great, that he has developed it for you to use in the privacy of your home.

There it nothing Internal to take. Not a bust cream, nothing else to buy. Three dollars will bring you the entire course. Complete satisfaction is guaranteed or your money promptly refunded.

Send today for this special offer. Cash with order, we pay postage. Remember, the complete course only $3.00.

P.O. Box 2789. Dept.M-8.Hollywood 28. Calif.

  1. Charlene says: February 15, 20117:18 am

    YOU can have YOUR cheap-ass bra show through YOUR sweater!

  2. Kosher Ham says: February 15, 201111:05 am

    I wonder if Jan of Hollywood knew Frederick’s of Hollywood?

    Yeah, that does look rather like a rather cheap ass bra. Padded most likely.

  3. cwnidog says: February 15, 201111:55 am

    I don’t miss Dagmars – on women or on cars.

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