You may have to wait for this, but… (Feb, 1957)

The future looks like the present, only more so.

You may have to wait for this, but… right now you can enjoy that “New Car Feel”

Install 2-in-1 Chrome Piston Rings

While you’re waiting for your “dream car” there’s no need to put up with sluggish performance in the car you’re now driving. Your Doctor

of Motors—your skilled mechanic— knows how to restore the responsive power of your car’s engine and to bring back that satisfying “New Car Feel.”

Your Doctor of Motors also ( knows that there is no better way to restore full-power performance with positive oil control than to install Perfect Circle 2-in-1 Chrome piston rings. Perfect Circles are plated with thick, solid chrome that resists wear, more than doubles the life of cylinders, pistons and rings. See your Doctor of Motors for an engine check-up today! Perfect Circle Corporation, Hagerstown, Ind., The Perfect Circle Co., Don Mills, Ontario.

  1. Hirudinea says: May 2, 20115:17 pm

    I don’t care what anyone says, fins are cool!

  2. nimenhao says: May 3, 20115:18 am

    Your pictures looks amazing!I love them,Can I uses them for my artworks? I won’t use them for commercial purposes, but interest.

  3. Orv says: May 3, 201111:16 am

    Back then it was common to re-ring cars — most cars featured little or no oil filtration, and carburation was crude, so a car generally would get low compression and need new rings and a valve job partway through its life. Nowadays most cars go to the junkyard with the same set of rings they came from the factory with, which is fortunate, because the labor to replace them has gotten really expensive.

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