Your System Deserves The Best! (Jul, 1984)

That Televideo keyboard has a really weird, narrow numeric keypad. Also, it today’s dollars it would cost $716 in today’s dollars, which is pretty insane for a keyboard. KeyTronic is still around and they still sell keyboards, though it looks like they haven’t designed a new one in the last decade. They’ve shifted almost exclusively over to producing products for other companies.

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Your System Deserves The Best!

Key Tronic Keyboards.

To enhance the performance of your personal computer or computer terminal, ask your dealer for a plug-compatible Key Tronic keyboard.

Key Tronic Corporation is the world’s largest independent manufacturer of computer keyboards.

Key Tronic keyboards are engineered for performance and reliability, and are backed by a 14-year tradition of manufacturing excellence. All Key Tronic plug-compatible keyboards feature:

• Familiar typewriter key locations and legends.
• Low-profile design.
• Solid-state capacitive switches.
• Positive tactile feedback. Each production element, from printed circuit boards to keytops is generated inhouse to insure high quality.

So ask your computer dealer for a hands-on demonstration of a Key Tronic keyboard.

Call Toll Free 1-800-262-6006 for the retailer closest to you. (7am – 3pm Pacific Time). Warranty information may be obtained by writing to the address below.

KB 5151 and 5151 jr —The Professional Series. KB 5151 is plug-compatible with the IBM * PC and XT. KB 5151 jr is plug-compatible with the IBM PCjr* Both are available in DVORAK and foreign layouts, and special models are made for the handicapped.
Suggested Retail Price: $255.00

KB 200.
Plug-compatible with Apple II, and models are available for the handicapped.
Suggested Retail Price: $298.00.

KB 500.
Replacement keyboard for the Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer*
Suggested Retail Price: $89.95.

KB 100.
Plug-compatible with the Dec VT-100*
Suggested Retail Price: $379.00.

KB 925.
Plug-compatible with the Televideo 925*
Suggested Retail Price: $324.00.

KB 5150 and 5150 jr —The Profession!! Series KB 5150 is plug-compatible with the IBM* PC and XT. KB 5150 jr. is plug-compatible with the IBM PC jr.* Both are available in DVORAK and foreign layouts, and a special model is made for the handicapped.
Suggested Retail Price: $209.00.


Department E • P.O. Box 14687 • Spokane, WA 99214 (U.S.A.) – (509) 928-8000 *IBM and PC jr. are registered trademarks of IBM Corporation.

*Apple II is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.

*DEC VT-100 is a registered trademark of Digital Equipment Corporation.

*Televideo-925 is a registered trademark of Televideo Systems, Inc.

*Radio Shack is a registered trademark of Tandy Corporation.

  1. Toronto says: June 19, 20128:31 am

    I used a lot of Televideo terminals, and bought literally hundreds. One reason we liked them was their keyboards. My favorite was the TV970 – it had an integrated wrist rest that doubled as a “coffee reservoir” – if you spilled something on the keys it would flow down into the front of the keyboard, away from the electronic parts. We’d flush them out with water (unplugged, of course) afterwards.

    The TVI terminals of the 925 era were quite compact – perhaps they were selling the extra narrow keyboard to save space out front.

  2. quadibloc says: June 20, 201211:31 am

    My first PC, an XT clone, had a KeyTronic keyboard that cost me $99 CDN. I spent extra for this keyboard, because it had the same layout as the 101-key Model M from IBM, as opposed to the more common cheap clone keyboards of that time which had an AT-like layout, where the backspace key was in the wrong position.

    So I have positive things to say about KeyTronic – although today, I would send people to Unicomp instead.

  3. Casandro says: June 24, 201210:25 pm

    $716 is not unrealistic for a keyboard. That’s just below $7 per key. That’s not unrealistic for a good key.

  4. Toronto says: June 25, 20122:50 pm

    That’s what Arlo Guthrie must have been singing about when he said

    Coming into Los Angeles
    Bringing in a couple of keys
    Don’t touch my bags if you please
    Mister Customs Man

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